About Us
Established in 2008, Promosing started out as a wardrobe provider, working privately and directly with an exclusive clientele. In 2012, the operations expanded further and Promosing became a brand, indigenous to Pakistan, producing and purveying hand-crafted shirts for Pakistani men and even for the customers residing abroad.
This style consultation continued to be the backbone of the brand and one of the defining features of a visit to Promosing; along with the attention-to-details that Promosing’s craftsmen keep about the different collar and cuff styles, shirt- yoke, placket, tail etc.
Today, promosing is a leading luxury shirt brand with its flagship stores in Lahore. After a half decade, we feel comfortable enough with our experience and expertise to roll out in UK and the other Europen countries in near future, and at the online stores and planned pop-up operations in targeted countries, we are all set to begin our journey towards becoming an international brand of hand-crafted shirts.
In order to maintain the exclusivity of our products; they are produced as limited editions. Every week, we bring fresh stock to our outlets and at our online stores, to provide more variety to our customers in terms of style, fabric and sizes.
At Promosing, we do not have tailors, but craftsmen. For this is exactly what creating a Promosing shirt is! It takes an entire day for one of our craftsmen to complete a shirt. From the initial steps of cutting the fabric to fusing the collar, to trimming the hem to finally ironing and adding the last finishing touches to the shirt; it is this time applied and attention-to-detail that makes every Promosing shirt an article of exclusivity.
What makes us successful is that we understand the requirements of the age. We believe every day is an expedition, and that our customers should start their journey with the satisfaction that they have the best of what they need.
We keep experimenting and over time we have become experts in shirts, fabrics and design. We love what we do and we want to be the best in our category. Frankly, we believe we are! Considering fabrics, fit, service, speed and just overall value, we are ahead. But that’s not enough. We want to be the best that it’s possible to be. We will always be searching for better ideas. Analyzing our customer service. Expanding our fit options. And ensuring a recurrent updating of shirt prints and designs on a weekly basis..